The bed of the gantry grinder is basically designed with double V-shaped guide rails. The guide rails on the worktable are coated with PTFE machining that can make the machine tool more wear-resistant. The carriage of the machine tool moves laterally along the beam guide rail, and the lateral feed is driven by a DC motor.

The longitudinal movement of the worktable is driven by the vane oil pump. Stepless speed regulation and open hydraulic system are available. The gantry grinder adopts the gantry working principle as a whole. All of it has stable operation, reliable performance, easy operation, and high wear resistance. It has the advantages of high rigidity, high precision, and advantages in cutting work. It is easy to control this piece. The control of the CNC system can provide fault protection for the feed drive to ensure the safe operation of the china cnc machine.

The grinder is not only the gantry grinder, but also the precision plane gantry grinder, gantry plane grinder, etc. We can know from the previous introduction that the gantry grinder adopts the gantry integrated structure layout, and the grinders with the gantry structure layout can be collectively called the gantry grinder. After all, some people said that the gantry grinder may be one of several types of grinders, but it can be known that the gantry grinder he said must be a grinder with a gantry integrated structure layout.