1 High speed and high precision


According to precision cnc machining company, high speed machining and precision are the eternal goals of machine tool development. With the rapid development of science and technology, the renewal of mechanical and electrical products has accelerated, and the requirements for precision and surface quality of parts processing have become higher and higher.


2 High reliability


The reliability of CNC machine tools is a key indicator of the product quality of CNC machine tools. Whether the CNC machine tool can play its high performance, high precision and high efficiency, and obtain good benefits, the key depends on its reliability.


3 CNC lathe design CAD, structural design modularization


Precision CNC china turning company said that with the popularization of computer applications and the development of software technology, CAD technology has been extensively developed. CAD can not only replace the manual completion of tedious drawing work, but more importantly, it can carry out design plan selection and static and dynamic characteristics analysis, calculation, prediction and optimization design of large-scale whole machine, and can carry out dynamic simulation and simulation of all working parts of the whole machine .


4 Functional composite


The purpose of functional compounding is to further improve the production efficiency of the machine tool and minimize the time used for non-processing assistance. Through the combination of functions, the use range of the machine tool can be expanded, the efficiency can be improved, and the multi-purpose and multi-function of the machine can be realized. That is, a CNC lathe can realize both turning functions and milling processing; or in the case of milling. Grinding can also be achieved on the machine tool.


5 Intelligent, networked, flexible and integrated


According to the precision CNC machining company, the CNC equipment of the 21st century will be a certain intelligent system. The content of intelligence includes all aspects in the numerical control system: in order to pursue the intelligence of processing efficiency and processing quality, such as adaptive control of the processing process, process parameters are automatically generated.