The path of CNC parts processing tool refers to the path and direction of the tool relative to the part being processed during the cutting process, that is, the path that the tool travels from the tool setting point until it returns to the point and ends the processing program and cnc machining price. Including the cutting path and the non-cutting idle strokes such as tool introduction and return. The path of CNC machining parts is one of the basis for programming. The design principles of the cutting path for CNC parts processing are as follows:

  • The cutting path of CNC parts processing should ensure the accuracy and surface roughness of the processed workpiece.
  • The cutting path of CNC parts processing should be as short as possible to reduce the idle travel time to improve processing efficiency
  • Reasonably choose down milling or up milling in milling processing.
  • Choose a processing route with small deformation of the cnc machining  parts.
  • Make numerical calculation simple and reduce program segments to reduce programming workload.
  • According to the situation of the workpiece, determine the cycle cnc machining times.
  • Reasonably design the cutting-in and cutting-out directions of the tool.
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