The heater titanium reactor is a large-scale hot oil temperature control equipment, with basic selection and calculation model. Its main feature is that the room temperature can reach 350 ℃ under low working pressure, large pump flow rate and high heating power. Used for calendering, compounding, vulcanization, heat setting, drying, compounding in printing industry, film coating, non-woven calendering and heating in petrochemical industry, plastics and rubber industries. Provide customers with low-cost, high-quality temperature control equipment.
Oil heater; oil temperature controller; hot oil temperature control equipment; product performance and features:

  • 1. Under the working pressure (<0.5Mpa), the titanium reactor can obtain a higher working temperature (<350 ℃), reducing the pressure level of the heating equipment and increasing the stability of the system.
  • 2. The heating of the titanium reactor is even and flexible, and the temperature adjustment adopts PID self-tuning intelligent control. High temperature control accuracy (<1C), which can meet the strict requirements of high process standards.
  • 3. It has a small area and occupies less land. Can be installed near thermal equipment. No boiler room and operation required. It can reduce the investment and operating cost of equipment and recover the investment.
  • 4. Complete operation control and monitoring device, automatic control of heating process, simple operation and convenient installation.
  • 5. The heat loss of the closed loop heating of the titanium reactor is small, energy saving, no environmental pollution, and a wide range of applications.
  • 6. With low temperature type (< 180 ℃), medium temperature type (< 300 ℃), high temperature type (< 350 ℃), complete product specifications and user selection