1. Nitriding: The use of chemical heat treatment techniques such as plasma nitriding, multi-arc ion plating, ion implantation and laser nitriding to form a golden yellow TiN coating on the surface of titanium dentures, thereby improving the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance of titanium Fatigue. However, the technology is complicated and the equipment is expensive. It is difficult to achieve clinical practicality for the surface modification of titanium dentures.
2. Anodizing: Titanium’s anodizing technology is relatively easy. In some oxidizing media, under the effect of external voltage, the titanium anode can form a thick oxide film, thereby improving its corrosion resistance, wear resistance and weather resistance. The anodized electrolyte generally uses H2SO4, H3PO4 and organic acid aqueous solution.
3. Atmospheric oxidation: Titanium can form a thick and strong anhydrous oxide film in high-temperature atmosphere, which is effective for comprehensive corrosion and gap corrosion of titanium, and the method is relatively simple.