What is CNC technology, CNC technology, referred to as CNC. It is a method of using digital information to control the movement and processing of machine tools. A machine tool that uses numerical control technology to implement processing control, or a machine tool equipped with a numerical control system is called a numerical control (NC) machine tool. The numerical control system includes: numerical control device, programmable controller, multi spindle drive and feed device. The numerical control machine tool is a highly integrated product of machine, electricity, liquid, gas and light. To realize the control of the machine tool, it is necessary to use geometric information to describe the relative movement between the tool and the workpiece, and to use process information to describe some process parameters that the machine tool must have. For example: feed rate, spindle speed, spindle forward and reverse rotation, tool change, coolant switch, etc.

  • Power type: mechanical transmission
  • T-slot size (width * quantity): 14*3
  • Three-axis travel (X*Y*Z): 550*330*450
  • Object: Hardware
  • Spindle speed range: 8000 (rpm)
  • Type: Vertical machining center
  • Weight: 2700 (kg)
  • Model: VMC550
  • Positioning accuracy: 0.02MM
  • Applicable industry: general main motor power: 5.5 (kw)
  • Layout form: vertical
  • Product Type: New
  • Interface language: Chinese
  • Number of tools: 12

Traditional mechanical processing is performed by manual operation of ordinary machine tools. During cnc machining, the mechanical tool is shaken by hand to cut metal, and the accuracy of the product is measured by the eye with tools such as calipers. Modern industry has already used computer digitally controlled machine tools for operations. CNC machine tools can automatically process any products and parts directly in accordance with the procedures programmed by technicians in advance. This is what we call “CNC machining”. CNC machining is widely used in any field of all mechanical machining, and it is the development trend and important and necessary technical means of mold machining.