The predecessor of CNC machining center is CNC milling machine. The biggest difference from the CNC milling machine is that the CNC machining center has the function of automatically exchanging machining tools. Tools for different purposes are placed in the tool magazine. After the workpiece is clamped, the processing tools on the spindle can be changed by tool change to realize multiple processing functions.
In the process of workpiece processing, the maintenance of the CNC machining center is very important, not only related to the machining accuracy of the workpiece, but also directly affects the processing efficiency of the CNC machining center. The main points of the maintenance operation are:

  • 1. Before  cnc machining, determine the processing technology, figure out the content of the process card, especially the shape of the part to be processed, and also know the content of the next processing program.
  • 2. Before clamping the workpiece, you should first measure whether its size meets the requirements, and you must carefully check whether the placement of the blank is consistent with the programming.
  • 3. After the rough machining of the blank is completed, it should be overhauled to make sure that the workpiece is correctly centered? Is the workpiece loose? Does the size from the processed part to the reference point meet the drawing requirements? The size of the mutual position of the processing parts should be measured in time and accurately for the roughing shape and size after inspection.
  • 4. Semi-finishing or finishing can only be carried out after roughing and overhauling. After the processing is completed, the technician should check the shape and size of the processed part, mainly checking the vertical and inclined surface cnc machining parts and the base point size marked on the measurement drawing for approval.
  • 5. After the manual inspection is completed, the work piece can be dismantled and sent to the quality inspector for special inspection after confirming that the drawing process meets the relevant requirements.