1 Equipment:
Disc saw, band saw GD4250, GH4280 / 90

1.2 Matters needing attention and quality requirements.

1.2.1 A bar with a larger diameter is notched and then sawed. If the cake ring material is blanked, it should be carried out in the appropriate process according to the requirements of the process card (scoring, notching, and then sawing). Sawing the head and tail of the finished product should be performed after the final finishing process. The sawing of the fixed-length material is also performed after the finishing process. The surface should be carefully checked. The defective parts must be staggered. The double-length material must be added with the sawing amount of the blade.
1.2.2 Sawing should be performed in batches. The sawed products should be marked with specifications, ingot section numbers, weighed, and stacked in batches.
1.2.3 For the cut material, write the brand name, ingot number and handwriting clearly, and sort and stack them neatly according to the brand number for restructuring and utilization.