Material line: below the normal material line, more than 0.5m is called titanium products, and the time is more than 1 hour. Damage to titanium products; disrupts the normal distribution of the furnace charge, deteriorates the gas permeability of the furnace, the gas flow in the furnace is abnormally distributed, and the furnace charge cannot be preheated and recovered normally reason.
Titanium products will cause the blast furnace to deteriorate forward, the temperature of the furnace will be cool, and the pig iron will contain sulfur. 1-2 times higher. The air slag port is easy to break. Titanium products are easy to damage the furnace lining, disturbing the normal distribution of the soft melting zone, and easily forming the thickness and nodules of the furnace wall, and simply burning the furnace roof equipment.

When the charge of titanium products reaches the reflow zone, it is difficult to operate the blast furnace. The charge of the furnace is poor, and the air volume and the pressure difference do not correspond. The reason of titanium products; the unstable blast furnace production is deteriorating along the line, and the material collapses or successively collapses; the seat material constitutes the titanium plate product, especially the stubborn suspended material seat material constitutes the titanium product is extremely deep; And the supply of raw fuel is not superior. The disposal of titanium products must fully understand the damage of titanium products, according to the furnace roof temperature (not exceeding 250 ℃), unevenness, moderate air reduction, control the material line, to ensure that the furnace roof temperature cannot exceed the maximum allowable value (300 ℃), and maintain it well Furnace roof equipment (fire water equipment on the roof, but not too much water).

Air reduction is the best method for refining titanium products, but it is not suitable for long-term titanium products operations. The time of wind reduction and low pressure does not exceed 2 hours. In order to compensate for the lack of heating of the charge and prevent the furnace from cooling, the titanium products must have a light coke load, which depends on the depth and time of the feed line. Usually the light coke load is 10% -30%. The equipment is faulty; reduce the wind to the lowest level allowed by the blast furnace, only the tuyere does not come. After the fault is eliminated, the material should be loaded first, and then the air should be added after the titanium plate line is pressed. The titanium plate should be filled with coke during the process. The problem is dealt with for a long time, and the titanium plate can not be used. It is necessary to seize the iron to arrange it and rest after the iron. After the titanium plate equipment is defective, several batches of coke can be applied first, and then the ore can be replenished. However, if there is something wrong with the equipment of the coke titanium plate, it is not allowed to put on a few batches of ore before supplementing the coke. The disposition of blast furnace titanium products with irregular furnace conditions must be prudent, and to avoid vicious suspension, the method of combining wind reduction and material control lines can be adopted, and stable wind pressure is the condition. The stove is suspended, so you must load it first and then sit. When the feed line arrives at the point where the charge of the furnace bumps, it can be changed to 1-3 batches of inverted charge to loosen the margin.

When the charge of titanium products reaches the tuyere area, if the wind pressure is high and the blast furnace condition is not smooth, it can be changed to 1-3 batches of reverse charging or moderate air reduction. In order to maintain the furnace roof equipment, when the furnace roof temperature is greater than 500 ℃, steam can be passed between the large and small clocks. When the air volume is reduced to more than 50%, the material line depth is more than 3m, the elements of titanium products are not removed, and iron should be arranged immediately, and the wind should be rested after the iron. The feeding line should not be in a hurry, the titanium plate should be uniform to avoid hanging material or vicious hanging material. Titanium products composed of successively broken materials advocate the closure of the wind and the vent to facilitate rehabilitation of the mine. Case: A 1513m3 blast furnace of a certain plant constituted 4m of titanium products due to equipment incidents. The disposal was too urgent. When the materials of the titanium products arrived at the tuyere area, they collapsed one after another. As a result, the furnace was cooled, and it took only more than ten days to dispose of it. The 1513m3 blast furnace of a certain factory formed titanium products due to defects in the titanium plate equipment. The feed line was too urgent. After the material was full, the material was suspended. The further disposal was improper. Had to pull down the small set of slag mouth, the air was blown out of the furnace and the furnace material was discharged. After two hours, the material was sat down and the furnace was cool and out of the third number.