Nowadays, there are many questions about the skills of refining titanium rods, and some are more serious. 1. Frequent innovations in titanium rod skills. Useful, invalid, and obsolete skill editions coexist, and it will surely form a disorder of skill operation. There is no way to standardize skills. Some skill requirements are not clear, the specifications are not detailed, and the skill parameters are not scientific. There are no rules. 2. The pressure of Ar gas mixing is too large, the molten steel is exposed, and even the spatter is not assigned by someone. 3. Add deoxidizer, not diligently add, add less, participate evenly, but add many gatherings to one point of the molten pool. 4. The slag after the titanium rod is finished is yellow, green, black, white, and colorful. The titanium rod slag is not well-made, deoxidation and desulfurization are impossible, and the purity of molten steel is not high. 5. The LF furnace door, the package edge, and the furnace cover are not well sealed. The convection of the air in the furnace destroys the restorative atmosphere, the composition is out of place, the temperature is too high, the temperature is too low, and the control is prohibited, all of which give many questions about the production and ingot quality. 6. VD furnace disposal breaks the vacuum early, and the vacuum will not work at all times. Soft blowing is optional.
These questions are not only present, but have a long history. Some faulty skills operation has become a habit, or even a standardized operation. The question of refining titanium rods should now be brought to the agenda.
Organization skills and operations to further improve the quality of titanium rods. Vigorously promote the standardized operation level of the electric furnace, strictly control the skill node of the time, and control the electric furnace exercise cycle to 70 minutes, to prevent the molten steel from washing the furnace shell for too long and damage the furnace shell; scientifically adjust the power supply and oxygen supply curve, and formulate reasonable based on experience Curve chart and extensive training activities among employees. Operators are required to strictly follow the chart for production operations, adhere to the stability of the molten steel training process, and then extend the life of the furnace shell. According to the characteristics of different steel types, the slag status is adjusted, and a perfect management system has been established. Personnel are assigned the responsibilities. The head of the furnace is the first person in charge, down to the squad leader and employees to implement the responsibilities at all levels, and monitor and view the entire process of the exercise , And use the tapping gap of each furnace steel, the squad leader arranges the employees to repair the furnace shell, and promptly dispose of every minor defect, which provides guarantee for the continuous promotion of the age of the electric furnace shell.