The analysis of  CNC machining Japan technology involves a wide range of aspects, so we only analyze the possibility and convenience of CNC machining here.

(1) The size data on the part drawing should conform to the principle of programming convenience

1. The dimensioning method on the part drawing should be adapted to the characteristics of CNC machining. On the part drawing of the CNC machining, the dimensions should be quoted on the same basis or the coordinate dimensions should be given directly. This marking method is not only convenient for programming, but also convenient for mutual coordination between dimensions, and brings great convenience in maintaining the consistency of design benchmarks, process benchmarks, inspection benchmarks and programming origin settings. As part designers generally consider assembly and other use characteristics in dimensioning, they have to adopt a locally dispersed marking method

2. This will bring a lot of inconvenience to process arrangement and CNC machining. Due to the high precision of CNC machining and repeated positioning, there will be no

3. Large accumulated errors will destroy the use characteristics, so the local scattered labeling method can be changed to the same reference citation size or the coordinate size labeling method directly.

4. The conditions of the geometric elements constituting the contour of the part should be sufficient
The base point or node coordinates should be calculated during manual programming. During automatic programming, all geometric elements constituting the contour of the part must be defined. Therefore, when analyzing the part drawing, it is necessary to analyze whether the given conditions of the geometric elements are sufficient. For example, the arc and the straight line, the arc and the arc are tangent on the drawing, but according to the size given on the drawing, when calculating the tangent condition, it becomes the state of intersection or separation. due to
The insufficiency of the conditions of the geometric elements of the components makes it impossible to start programming. When encountering this situation, it should be resolved through consultation with the part designer.