Aluminum alloy cavity shell parts are popular because of their light weight and delicate appearance. Especially in recent years, with the development of science and technology and the progress of society, people’s demand for product diversity has become stronger and stronger. Therefore, the process of aluminum alloy cavity shell shell parts is constantly updated, which promotes the rapid improvement of product quality.

CNC machining of aluminum alloy shell is an advanced manufacturing technology that combines high efficiency, high quality and low consumption. The problems of parts that are often troubled in conventional cutting and processing and the surface quality is not good, can be solved by CNC machining. According to the characteristics of “small cutting and fast feed” in aluminum alloy CNC machining, CNC machining technology and operation methods are used to perform CNC machining on aluminum alloy cavity shell parts, through optimization techniques of cutting toolpaths and selection of cutting parameters, So as to achieve the purpose of improving processing efficiency and ensuring processing quality.

How to improve the efficiency of aluminum alloy casing cnc machining aluminum alloy casing has become a major concern of enterprises. At present, many small and medium-sized processing enterprises have low CNC machining efficiency and insufficient processing capacity, which has become a prominent common problem. How to improve productivity through efficient aluminum alloy shell cnc processing technology?

1. Tool selection

When selecting a tool, the tool should be selected correctly according to the processing capacity, material properties, processing procedures, cutting amount, etc. of the machine tool. A suitable tool can both ensure product quality and improve processing efficiency.

2. Determination of cutting amount

The principle of reasonable selection of cutting amount is used to improve production efficiency during roughing, and the finishing should be based on the premise of ensuring the quality of processing, and then try to improve the processing efficiency.

3. The determination of the tool running path

The tool trajectory depends on the programming skills of the programmer. The programmed trajectory determines the processing cycle of the aluminum alloy shell, shortening the non-processing time and reducing the unreasonable tool change is an advantageous method to improve the cnc machining efficiency.