The gantry sliding saddle refers specifically to the sliding saddle of Prati dynamic column type gantry structure. The sliding saddle itself can move along the direction of the beam rail and follow the vertical movement of the nose, as shown in Figure 1, so the sliding saddle is related. The movement of the two axes is connected, so its own rigidity is a vital cnc machining part of the entire gantry structure.
Sliding saddle structure
The sliding saddle of Prady is connected with the cross beam, and the three guide rails on the cross beam are connected by three sets of sliders on the sliding saddle, as shown in Figure 2.

Three sets of sliders provide extremely high contact stiffness, and the three sets of sliders are staggered to form a stable triangular structure, as shown in Figure 3, which further improves the structural rigidity.

Compared with other companies’ products, such as some world-renowned machine tool brands, for example, their similar gantry structures all use the connection mode, which are both two sliders and two guide rails. In this respect, their rigidity is not as good as Pula Di’s sliding saddle structure. Also on this structure, we have reserved space for the two transmission structures of the screw and rack. As shown in Figure 4, the gear and rack transmission method used by the sliding saddle, but in the red box, the screw structure is retained. The space required.

The three-rail sliding saddle structure can provide high contact rigidity and structural rigidity, and at the same time, the requirements for the assembly process are particularly high. During installation, certain contact surfaces need to be repeatedly polished, so Pradie’s own assembly team It is also quite powerful. Prady not only does good design, but also strives for perfection in processing and installation.