Aluminum profiles are widely used in rail transportation. They can be used to make car bodies such as roofs, side walls, floors, etc., as well as small accessories such as luggage racks, doors, pedals, water tanks, etc. The use of aluminum profiles instead of steel materials greatly reduces the weight of the train, saves energy, and reduces emissions. Due to the weight reduction, my colleagues made the train easier to control and more stable in harsh environments such as turning and undulation during telling operation. Under normal circumstances, the trains with speeds over 250 kilometers per hour are mostly made of aluminum alloy. For example, my country’s CRH series of high-speed rail basically use aluminum alloy material.

As environmental issues become more prominent, energy saving and emission reduction are topics that cannot be avoided in the development process of each city, and machining aluminum profiles are due to their natural anti-rust function, corrosion resistance, small density, light weight, high strength and other characteristics in the track The application of vehicles is also becoming increasingly important. The “Twelfth Five-Year Plan for Comprehensive Transportation System” proposes to formulate differentiated rail transit development goals based on the size and characteristics of different cities, and orderly promote the construction of urban rail transit networks such as light rail, subway, and tram. For cities with an urban population of more than 10 million, gradually improve the rail transit network; cities with an urban population of more than 3 million will initially form the main skeleton of the rail transit network; cities with an urban population of more than 1 million will build large-capacity ground public transportation in accordance with their own conditions The system has enabled the rapid growth of China’s urban rail transit construction.

The processing range of PTJ profile processing center is within 2m~20m, which can meet various complicated cnc machining aluminum parts for large-scale rail transportation. Years of production experience, brand strength, high precision and stability, Pradi profile equipment can easily achieve positioning accuracy of plus or minus 0.01mm. Quality is the guarantee of strength. It is precisely because of this that the profile processing plant of rail transit prefers the PTJ profile machine.