High temperature titanium alloy plate is an important metal material developed with the needs of aviation jet engines. It can accept large operating loads for a long time under high temperature oxidizing atmosphere and gas corrosion conditions of 600~1100℃ Hot-end components for aero-jet engines and industrial gas turbines. The high-temperature titanium alloy plate GH303O belongs to one of the several deformed high-temperature titanium alloy plates produced in China earlier because of its high operating temperature and strong thermal corrosion resistance, it is widely used, but it is very simple to produce in practice. Questions such as element segregation, shrinkage and shrinkage affect the quality and yield of commodities.
Industrial titanium plates can effectively improve the quality of alloy casting slabs and condensation arrangements, and are widely used in data preparation, steel and light metallurgy. Especially in the production of continuous casting, industrial titanium plates have become one of the indispensable important methods. Regarding the influence of industrial titanium plates on the condensation arrangement of high-temperature titanium alloy plates, although there have been many investigations, in-depth discussions are still required. The scientific researcher applied linear industrial titanium plates during the condensation process of the high-temperature titanium alloy plate bn5136, and discussed the influence of the industrial titanium plate on the condensation arrangement of the high-temperature titanium alloy plate and the solute dispersion during the condensation process, in order to benefit the production technology of the high-temperature titanium alloy plate Of inquiry.
Experimental data is high temperature titanium alloy plate bn5136, its composition. During the experiment, the alloy was placed in a magnesium oxide crucible, and induction melting was carried out using a high-frequency power supply. When the temperature of the molten metal reached 1500°C, the crucible was quickly placed on the side of the linear industrial titanium plate, and the industrial titanium plate was driven together for horizontal The direction of the linear industrial titanium plate, the frequency of the industrial titanium plate is 5Hz, the current is 350A, until the alloy is completely solidified, and the mixing is stopped; under the same conditions, the experiment of the industrial titanium plate is not carried out, and the slab of Φ50mm×100mm is obtained. The cross-section and small samples of the casting billet are taken, and the metallographic samples are prepared by grinding, polishing and etching the standard metallographic samples. The LeicaDMI5000 optical microscope was used to investigate the metallographic arrangement, and the Cr content in the sample was analyzed using EDX spectrum analysis.
The experimental results are as follows:
(1) Industrial titanium plate can effectively refine the condensation arrangement of high temperature titanium alloy plate bn5136. After the application of industrial titanium plates, the prosperous dendrites of high-temperature titanium alloy slabs were shattered, the grain size became significantly smaller, and the condensation arrangement was refined.
(2) After applying the industrial titanium plate, although the micro-segregation of Cr in the slab still exists, the degree is significantly reduced.
(3) The micro-segregation of Cr is serious when the industrial titanium plate is not applied. The dispersion of Cr in the alloy is improved after the industrial titanium plate is applied, and the degree of micro-segregation is significantly reduced.