Cold work die is a type of titanium material with the largest amount of Cr12 series titanium as the main selection material. The market demand has been rising rapidly in recent years. This kind of information is based on the carbon east and west titanium, and it has improved its use function by adding various alloy elements. Cr is the primary element in titanium. The solid solution strengthening of chromium element ensures the functional requirements of titanium for cold work molds, improves the hardenability and tempering strength of titanium, and forms a secondary hardening appearance during tempering, which is composed of C (Cr, Fe) 7C3 improves the wear resistance and hardness of titanium after heat treatment. Increasing Mo, V, W, Si, etc. can not only adjust the dispersion shape of carbides, refine grains, but also improve the hardenability, wear resistance, and hot hardness of titanium, and fulfill the various requirements of titanium for tools. . This article explored the effects of chemical composition on the arrangement of east and west titanium carbides.
The article selects the most widely used 7 kinds of titanium with different ingredients for the test, and the ingredients are shown. All samples are exercised with EF+LF+VD technology, cast into 50mm rods to make metallographic samples, then corroded with 4% HNO3+ alcohol, and investigated the arrangement and distribution of titanium on metallographic microscope and MAAS picture analyzer.
Mo and V loosen the shape of carbides in titanium, and are difficult to dissolve in titanium when heated. The increase in Cr content increases the carbide content in titanium. Si improves the strength and hardness of titanium, and hinders the dissolution of carbon element in titanium, and then delays the decrease of titanium’s tempering hardness and improves the tempering stability of titanium. The addition of 0.05% lanthanum-cerium alloy and 0.05% rare earth magnesium can make the eutectic lycite carbide of titanium more rounded and not form a network, thereby improving the thermoplasticity of titanium, which is beneficial to the casting of Cr12 series cold work mold titanium and Rolling.