At present, there are already many surgical implant production plants in China. Basically, they have developed from the original steel implant products to titanium alloy implants, and the steel implant products are supplemented by the production structure. They all use titanium Alloy material implants are the focus of product development, so the number of medical titanium in China is increasing rapidly. However, due to many misunderstandings in medical titanium in China: implant manufacturers lack uniform and high-quality titanium standards. There is a lack of scientific understanding of grades and performance, and blindly believe that as long as it is titanium, it is good, which leads to the occurrence of many products that break in the body due to the material itself, causing medical disputes. positive effect.
Due to the amount of use, medical device manufacturers consider the cost factor, only emphasize economic benefits, and ignore social benefits. Many production plants have not used titanium products specifically for medical use, such as the commonly used Ti -6A1-4VELI alloy, including profiles, such as curved cross-section slats, small-diameter hollow thick-walled pipes, joint forged thick plates, etc .;
Due to various reasons, China’s research and development of medical titanium alloy materials is not enough. The processing and surface treatment technology of titanium alloy implant products are far from the advanced countries in the world. Therefore, China has set up a national titanium industry management office, but due to the particularity of medical materials, China has not yet established a special branch responsible for or coordinating medical titanium research and development, material standards, material quality control, product processing technology consulting.