Although the functional parts of China cnc machine tools have been upgraded from “small parts” and “matching parts” to “key positions” and received attention, they have always been in a large environment such as “heavy host, light support” and “heavy ocean light” Traveling against the current and growing up hard. For a long time, we have not paid enough attention to functional parts, and doing nothing on functional parts makes it difficult for our machine tool industry to take a step forward. Buying foreign functional parts can only make our industry less competitive.

my country’s rolling functional parts industry is a national industry with a history of more than 40 years. Although the industry is small (about 60 companies), there are a number of key enterprises that have grown up from the “National Precision Swiss Machine Tool Battle” in the 1960s. It is comparable to foreign counterparts in terms of production scale and hardware facilities. Coupled with a group of new companies that have emerged in recent years, the industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and we should provide a good and fair competitive environment for the machine tool accessories industry. This can promote the further development of the industry.

Domestic machine tool accessories market is popular

In recent years, with the rapid and stable development of the national economy, the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry and the increasing demand for technological upgrading of the entire manufacturing industry and modernization of national defense, driven by the rapid growth of fixed asset investment, China’s machine tool accessories tool market has produced two The prosperous situation means that the production of  swiss machine tools representing the advanced level of the equipment manufacturing industry is taking advantage of the trend.

The strong market demand has spurred a prosperous production and sales situation in the domestic machine tool industry. The machine tool accessories industry is also adding strength and striving forward under strong demand.