After using vanadium-titanium ore, the iron loss will become higher. The reasons are as follows:
1. The dispersed Ti(C,N) produced by overreduction of TiO2 is adsorbed on the small iron beads, which makes the surface tension of the iron beads increase, and it is difficult for the small iron beads to polymerize and grow, resulting in a large amount of dispersed small iron beads in the slag.
2. During the smelting process of high-titanium vanadium-titanium ore, the high melting point minerals generated in the slag phase cause the slag melting temperature to increase, the slag viscosity increases, and the separation of slag and iron is difficult.
3. Because vanadium-titanium ore contains higher TiO2, its entry grade is nearly 10% lower than that of ordinary ore smelting, and the amount of slag is high. The larger the amount of slag, the higher the iron loss.
The blast furnace adopts vanadium-titanium ore and the iron loss is high, which deteriorates the blast furnace smelting performance. The control measures are:
1. Improve slag performance
1) Reduce the alkalinity of blast furnace slag
Add acidic substances such as silica to reduce the basicity of slag appropriately, which can reduce the melting temperature of the slag. The basicity decreases, the SiO2 content of the slag increases, and CaO.SiO2 with low melting point forms with CaO in the slag. Separation of slag and iron is easy.
2) Increase slag MnO content
MnO can increase the oxygen potential of slag, suppress the overreduction of TiO2, produce manganese olivine with low melting point, reduce the melting temperature of slag, and keep the slag in a uniform liquid state in a wide range.
2. Strengthen smelting
1) Appropriately reduce the furnace temperature operation
The temperature of the furnace has a very direct relationship with the formation of Ti(C,N). The more the furnace temperature increases, the more Ti(C,N) is formed in the slag, which results in a high viscosity of the slag and a lot of iron in the slag. The furnace temperature should be reduced appropriately.
2) Optimize operating parameters
Further optimize the charge structure, improve the quality of the raw fuel, reduce the powder into the furnace, and increase the use ratio of vanadium-titanium pellet frame to create conditions for blast furnace strengthening smelting. The smelting intensity is obviously improved, the flow rate of the slag iron into the furnace and the slag iron is accelerated, reducing the time of the slag iron in the furnace, weakening the slag thickening conditions, and reducing the iron loss.