Annealing method of TA3 titanium plate for roll production.
The method adopts different annealing processes for TA3 coils with different chemical compositions and cold rolling deformation to obtain TA3 sheets with fine grains, qualified performance and uniformity.It has high production efficiency, good appearance quality and low cost. The mechanical properties of the secondary plate and the uniformity of the microstructure are high, and the thickness tolerance and the difference of the same plate can be stably controlled. It is suitable for a wide range of promotion and application.
The annealing method for the production of TA3 titanium plate in roll form is characterized by the following steps:
1. Production of TA3 slabs: first use O-grade sponge titanium and 99.5% to 100% pure titanium dioxide powder to press the electrode, and then smelt through the melting equipment to obtain the ingot, forge the qualified ingot to obtain the as-cast structure TA3 slab with broken and relatively uniform grains, the thickness of the slab is 100 ~ 220mm, then use natural gas or gas to heat the TA3 slab, the TA3 slab insulation temperature is 830 ~ 900 ℃, and the insulation time is 1 ~ 8h. After secondary rolling, a hot rolled coil with a thickness of 3 to 10 mm is obtained, and then annealed by atmospheric continuous annealing. The annealing temperature is 680 to 780 ° C and the time is 2 to 15 min. After annealing, shot blasting and pickling are performed to remove the surface oxide layer. Prepare for subsequent cold rolling;
2. Production of TA3 Titanium Coil: After the previous step, the TA3 slab obtained in the previous step is rolled into a TA3 Titanium Coil by a rolling mill, and multi-pass rolling is performed under tension, the amount of pass deformation ≤10%, the total amount of deformation 10 ~ 55%
3. Annealing treatment: Continue to the previous step, perform vacuum annealing or atmospheric atmosphere annealing on the finished TA3 titanium coil. The vacuum annealing can be carried out as a whole coil, or it can be cut into plates, and the bright surface after annealing, or The titanium coil is cut into titanium plates for atmospheric atmosphere annealing, and the surface is oxidized after annealing; Fourth, the subsequent treatment: connect the previous step to the TA3 titanium plate with qualified performance after atmospheric annealing, perform alkaline pickling to obtain the finished TA3 titanium plate, or perform Sandblasting / blasting and pickling treatment, if the surface is defective, then sandblasting / blasting and pickling treatment after grinding, to obtain qualified finished TA3 titanium plate.