Titanium alloys have excellent thermal stability and high strength, and are widely used in aerospace, cutting-edge defense technology and medicine. However, titanium alloys also have deficiencies, such as poor blocking resistance and wear resistance, low electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, making it difficult to withstand brazing.

From the current research and application situation, anodizing it is an effective method. Titanium alloy anodized film has higher hardness, strength, corrosion resistance and wear resistance than titanium, and as the thickness of the film layer changes, its surface can show a variety of colors, is an ideal decorative layer and protective layer.

Titanium handicrafts not only have a luxurious silver shiny texture, but also can be nitrided on the titanium handicrafts to become golden yellow and anodized (according to different current, temperature, and chemical formulations), making titanium handicrafts show different A variety of bright colors (blue, yellow, brown, green, red, etc.) can also be machined by the acid rot etching method, and the titanium plate painting with a very strong sense of hierarchy.

Titanium handicrafts include titanium plate paintings, titanium pens, titanium crutches, titanium fishing rods, titanium chess, titanium jewelry (bracelets, tie clips, brooches), etc. Basically, precious arts and crafts can be made of titanium metal .

At present, titanium alloy is the only metal that has the least damage to the human body, precisely because it has the least damage to the human body, and is then used as a raw material for implants such as human joints and bones. Titanium’s excellent biocompatibility is completely non-toxic, harmless, and non-allergenic to the human body. After its surface is anodized, the oxide film formed is bacteriostatic, not only light, high-strength, corrosion-resistant, but also convenient for high-temperature disinfection Then, titanium alloy was made into many titanium tableware and titanium crafts. Titanium chopsticks are gradually being recognized by consumers.

Titanium tableware generally includes titanium chopsticks, titanium spoons, titanium forks, titanium bowls, tai pots, and titanium table knives. A report said that ordinary household wooden chopsticks and bamboo chopsticks used for more than 3 months will breed various molds, and those that are severely moldy will also breed “aflatoxin” which can induce liver cancer. Many families use a pair of chopsticks for several years, and not many families have the habit of disinfection.

Experts said that as long as the chopsticks are kept dry and disinfected regularly, there are generally no problems. At the same time, experts reminded that titanium chopsticks should be replaced in time according to the usage of chopsticks. Titanium chopsticks will solve this problem very well. Since titanium oxidation will produce a “photocatalyst” effect, the oxide film of titanium chopsticks will have a bacteriostatic effect.