The mainstream trend of high-precision CNC machine tools. In the past 30 years, the world-wide machine tool technology has been developed to a great extent, and the development trend of machine tool technology has also shown diversified characteristics, such as the trend of high precision, the trend of high-speed movement, the trend of multi-axis, The trend of high reliability, the trend of multi-functionality, the trend of reconfiguration, the trend of low energy consumption and environmental protection, and the trend of intelligence, etc., but in all trends, the trend that can reflect the mainstream development should be high precision and intelligence the trend of. High-precision CNC machine tools use DC or AC main shaft control unit to drive the main shaft, infinitely variable speed according to control instructions, and there is no need to use multi-stage gear pairs to change the main shaft. In order to expand the speed range, a first-stage gear pair is generally used to achieve stepless speed regulation. Even so, the structure in the headbox is much simpler than traditional lathes. Another structural feature of CNC machine tools is its large rigidity, which is to match the high-precision control of the control system in order to adapt to high-precision processing.

A manufacturer’s strength, history, assembly capabilities, and quality control determine the quality, performance, and accuracy of CNC machine tools. Therefore, the choice of manufacturers is particularly important. Then, in the face of many CNC machine tools on the market, which brand of CNC machine tools is better What? Is it cost-effective? Comprehensive analysis of various aspects, here is recommended for you Chinese machine tools, the reasons are as follows:
1. Quality assurance: China’s machine tools have been engaged in the production of machine tool products for more than 50 years, with rich production experience and emphasis on equipment quality. The business philosophy of “integrity-based, quality as the soul” ensures that the quality of CNC machine tools is getting better and better.
2. Technical guarantee: Liande Machine Tool pays attention to the cultivation of talents, and continuously introduces advanced production technology, and constantly innovates and develops. The CNC machine tools produced have unique advantages in intelligence, automation, and digitalization.
3. Strict precision testing: It has advanced testing equipment such as the US photodynamic laser interferometer, the British Renishaw ballbar, and the Swedish Hexagon three-coordinate measuring instrument to ensure product quality.
4. Green and environmental protection: Chinese machine tools incorporate energy-saving and environmental protection elements to ensure green production and efficient work in the production process.

The mathematical description of the CNC machine tool model is the mathematical model. Therefore, when establishing a mathematical model, a compromise must be made between the simplification of the model and the accuracy of the analysis results. This requires not only a wealth of practical experience and a solid theoretical foundation, but also certain processing skills. The modeling process of CNC machine tools is the process of researching the control system, especially the controlled object. Only by accurately analyzing which physical variables and interrelationships are negligible and which are the factors that have a decisive influence on the accuracy of the model and must be considered can we establish a model that is relatively simple and can accurately reflect the actual powerless object. Whether a mathematical model of a CNC machine tool control system is established or not is ultimately determined by experiments.