Roughing and finishing are performed continuously on a small machining center. The fixture must be able to meet the requirements of high cutting force, high rigidity and large clamping force during roughing, and must also be adapted to high positioning accuracy during finishing. Small requirements.

Due to the use of automatic tool change and automatic rotary table for multi-station machining, it was decided that the small horizontal machining center can only perform cantilever cnc machining. Since it is not possible to install the auxiliary device for the support lamp in small-scale processing, try to use a tool with good rigidity, and solve the vibration and stability problems of the tool. In addition, because the small machining center realizes the supply and demand or the concentration of work steps through automatic tool change, it is limited by the library and the robot. The diameter, length and weight of the tool are generally not allowed to exceed the range specified in the machine tool manual.

Multi-process centralized processing, timely handling of chips.

In the process of processing the blank into the finished product, the parts cannot be aged and the internal stress is difficult to eliminate.

The technology is complex, and the requirements for use, maintenance and management are high.

The small-scale machining center has a large one-time investment, and other auxiliary devices need to be configured, such as tool presetting equipment, CNC tool system, or coordinate measuring machine. The processing time of extra bed is high. If the parts are not selected properly, it will increase the machining cost.