TC Titanium Machined Series

Industrial Pure Titanium YA1, YA2, YA3

Excellent stamping performance. Various types of welding can be carried out, and the welding performance is good. The welded joint can reach 90% of the strength of the substrate. It is easy to cut by saw and grinding wheel, and has good mechanical processing performance. Excellent corrosion resistance is used for parts with less than 350 ℃, low stress and parts punched into various complex shapes. Such as thermal power plant condensers; marine seawater corroded piping systems, valves, pumps; chemical heat exchangers, pump bodies, distillation towers; seawater desalination systems, platinum-plated anodes; aircraft skeletons, skins, engine parts, beams, etc.

Titanium Alloy TC2

At 350 ℃, the endurance strength of 100h is more than 400MPa, hot working has good plasticity. When heated to 350-400 ° C, there is no tendency to become brittle. Therefore, it can be used to weld parts that work at high temperatures to make parts that work below 500 ° C, welding parts, die forgings, and bending parts.

Titanium Alloy TC9

Thermoplastic is good. Machinability is the same as T alloy. High corrosion resistance. Thermal stability is still good. Long-term working parts below 400 ℃. Compressor discs and blades can be manufactured.

Filling the toughest prescriptions

The experts at PTJ Machining Shop have learned, through decades of experience, the productivity secrets needed to inspire complete confidence in the users of top quality titanium CNC machining.

Filling the toughest prescriptions

Delivering a titanium project on spec, on time and on budget is one of the toughest challenges in the machining industry. PTJ Shop can customize and manufacture any titanium precision screw machine parts to fit your needs.

Titanium Alloy TC10

Poor stamping and good thermoplasticity. PTJ Shop can perform various forms of welding, and the strength of the welded joint can reach 90% of the strength of the base metal. Mechanical machining performance is the same as T alloy. Good corrosion resistance. It has good thermal stability, remarkable heat treatment effect, and good hardenability. It is a long-term working part under 450 ℃.

Titanium Alloy TA6

It has good welding performance and high creep strength, but the process plasticity is low, and it can be deformed under heat. Titanium alloy is not sensitive to the cut when it is subjected to axial load, and the cutting performance is still good below 400 ℃. Parts and welded parts.

Titanium Alloy TA8

Good thermoplasticity. PTJ Shop can perform various forms of welding with good weldability. The machinability is the same as industrial pure titanium. Good oxidation resistance, long-term working parts below 500 ℃. Engine compressor discs and blades can be manufactured.

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Machining titanium has several advantages over other materials. Titanium machined parts are known for their high strength and weight; it is also ductile, corrosion resistant against salt and water, and has a high melting point, making it the perfect option for many industries and applications.

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