Aluminum die-casting automotive applications are very extensive. Because of the application in the processing of aluminum die-casting parts, it will greatly reduce the weight and improve the dynamic performance of the vehicle while reducing pollutant emissions.

However, there is a big gap between aluminum and steel in resistance bearing capacity, and due to the current production technology limitations, the cost is high, which limits its application in automobiles. The as-cast high elongation is used for die-cast aluminum alloy components, except for aluminum. And unavoidable impurities, from 8.0-11.5wt% silicon, 0.3-0.8wt% manganese, 0.08-0.4wt% magnesium, up to 0.4wt% iron, up to 0.1wt% copper, up to 0.1wt% zinc, up to 0.1 5wt% % Titanium and 0.05-0.5% by weight molybdenum. Alloy options include 0.05-0.3 wt% zirconium, 30-300 ppm strontium or 5-30 ppm sodium and/or 1-30 ppm calcium to improve durability and gallium phosphide and/or phosphating in an amount equivalent to 1-250 ppm phosphorus Indium is used for particle refinement and/or titanium and boron added in the form of an aluminum matrix alloy containing 1-2% by weight of Ti and 1-2% by weight of B

After a certain amount of secondary annealing is done on schedule or die-casting aluminum die-casting, the outer part is ground to form:

  • 1. The alloy should not be overheated;
  • 2. Increase the mold temperature and lower the pouring temperature;
  • 3. Strictly control the alloy composition within the permitted scale;
  • 4. The proportion of alloy materials must pay attention to the impurity content not exceeding the starting point
  • 5. Adjust the opening time of the mold, and the push rod force is even;
  • 6. Change the unevenness of wall thickness;
  • 7. Accurately control the alloy composition. In some cases, pure aluminum ingots can be added as alloys to reduce magnesium alloys, or aluminum-silicon alloys can be added in the center to increase the content of silicon.

The above precautions are very important for aluminum china die-casting machining and require special attention.