For many metal parts, there are generally two ways of casting and forging. Casting is mainly suitable for the production of parts that do not require high precision and quality, but forging is different. Forgings are better than castings, because castings do not Change the original structure and mechanical properties of the metal. Its fibrous structure increases the strength and toughness of the metal. It is very suitable for wear-resistant parts. At the same time, forgings are more conducive to welding deformation plasticity and other operations. After the steps, its performance does not change much. Therefore, forgings are widely used in modern industry.

However, at present, the requirements of forgings on equipment are relatively high. The larger the size of forgings, the higher the requirements on equipment. However, there are still major difficulties in the manufacture of forging equipment in China. Although there are breakthroughs, There is still a big gap in the world’s advanced level, so when choosing forgings, it is necessary to pay attention to choosing those forging plants with stronger strength, so as to guarantee.