For various cnc machining needs, it is necessary to select the corresponding processing center according to the type, size and geometry of the workpiece. For example, for high-volume processing needs.
It is necessary to put forward requirements for the pallet exchange system to reduce the number of loading/unloading as much as possible. In response to diverse processing needs, MAG Company focuses on productivity, speed, and operational flexibility.
Standard, specially developed and designed three, four, five axis moving column vertical machining center.
The FTV series can be equipped with No.40, No.50 or HSK spindles, with the ability to multi-task processing, while ensuring high precision and extraordinary swiss machining speed. Various special
Use functions to meet various application needs. FTV series moving column vertical machining center provides various standard configuration functions, but also provides a full range of options to meet the needs
Households’ high-speed, high-output, automation and other processing needs can meet various application needs in the automotive, aerospace, mold processing and other industries. FTV series machining center
Adopt moving column structure, which can realize all axial movements, and can realize dynamic clamping during processing, so as to reduce loading and unloading time and maximize the utilization rate of spindle. use
The fixed worktable can ensure that the processing accuracy is not affected under heavy load conditions, and the workbench sinking caused by the worktable under heavy load or uneven weight distribution is excluded.
Or flip, significantly improve the ability of multi-station processing and multi-part processing. A series of optional high-speed spindle and fourth/five-axis machining solutions achieve high performance and
The perfect combination of high versatility.

Unprecedented speed, accuracy and rigidity, higher flexibility options

The key factor for the success of FTV series vertical machining centers is to tailor-made according to user requirements. Its flexible and modular structure can process and
Future machining needs provide perfect machine tools. In addition to the standard configuration, the auxiliary equipment such as the trunnion fixed on the bed and the rotary table can make the FTV series machining center
Used for various precision swiss machining needs. The center partition of the worktable can complete the loading and unloading of the workpiece in the work cycle, which is used to increase the output. The side loading door can realize automatic loading/unloading
material. At present, the X-axis travel of FTV series machining centers is up to 5 meters.