Nozzle channel has single hole type and porous type. The plasma flow outside the nozzle compresses the plasma arc, thereby increasing the energy density of the arc column.
There are two kinds of electrodes, rod-shaped and mosaic. The rod-shaped electrode is a tungsten alloy rod with the same shape as the electrode rod used in neon arc welding. For accurate alignment, the TC4 titanium alloy tube must be polished externally. The structure and shape of the mosaic electrode is to inlay a hafnium (Hf) rod on the copper telegraph holder.
The circuit control system must complete a series of prescribed procedures and actions, such as adjusting the pre-time of ion gas, the pre-time of shielding gas, and the time of current decay.
The gas supply system has welding gas path and protective gas path. The welding gas path of TC4 titanium alloy tube is the working medium of plasma arc. Argon gas (in), helium (He), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrogen (H2), or a mixture of two gases can be used; protective gas path Nitrogen (Ar) is used to prevent the molten pool and its heat-affected zone from being contaminated by the atmosphere. In addition to the inert gas protection for the weld, the back of the weld should also be protected.
The water supply system can be the tap water source, or it can be the high-pressure water of the big system. It is mainly used to cool the electrodes and nozzles. It is also necessary to cool the cables connecting the plasma welding wheels, especially the resistance heat of the cables with large currents needs to be cooled by water. The water pressure protection switch must be installed in the water supply system to prevent the plasma welding wheel from being burnt due to insufficient residual water flow.
TC4 titanium alloy pipe as a structural material, after fusion welding processing, in most cases, the force of the weld is large. However, as some functional materials, milled materials have adverse effects on the welding seam: for example, one of the production equipment in the production process of electrolytic feeding foil is the anode roll. The outer surface of the cathode roll is a welded drinking sleeve. The whole Before the cathode roll is put into the production of copper foil, the drill tube on the surface of the roll should be polished and polished. After polishing, a bright weld seam appears on the surface of the roller. In the production of copper foil, this bright weld seam is also “copied” to the copper foil. Got on.