While the price of CNC machine tool processing center is low, the processing efficiency of CNC machine china tool is 2 to 3 times higher than that of traditional machine tool, and its performance has reached the international first-class level, showing a very high cost performance. The successful development of this project has led to the continuous innovation and development of the production technology of large-scale CNC machining centers, which has made my country’s large-scale CNC machining centers have a higher improvement in manufacturing capabilities.

At the same time, after this project has occupied the domestic market, this product will drive the overall decline in the market price of gear machine tools. In this way, machine tool users will save the cost of purchasing equipment while using machine tools with better performance and higher precision. Improved efficiency and development speed, and at the same time strengthened the enterprise’s confidence in domestic machine tools, and promoted the development and growth of local machine tool enterprises.

my country has formulated the accuracy standards for CNC machine tool machining centers, among which CNC vertical machining center lifting table precision machining centers have professional standards. The standard stipulates that the positioning accuracy of its linear motion coordinates is 0.04/300mm, the repeat positioning accuracy is 0.025mm, and the milling precision is 0.035mm. In fact, the factory precision of CNC machine tools has a considerable reserve, which is about 20 less than the tolerance value of the national standard. Therefore, from the perspective of precision selection, the general CNC machining center can meet the machining needs of most parts. For parts with higher precision requirements, a precision CNC machining center should be considered.