Although gears have a long history, gear technology in the true sense began in the 19th century. After theoretically recognizing the superiority of involutes, the emergence of hard steel tools made cast gears that have gone through thousands of years into history, thus establishing the modern. The basis of gear CNC vertical lathe processing technology; in the late 19th century, the invention of vertical lathe CNC machining center and gear shaper based on the principle of generation solved the problem of mass production of high-precision gears and satisfied the development of automobiles. The huge demand for gears. In the past 100 years, materials and manufacturing technology have been the main driving forces for the rapid development of gear technology.

The CNC vertical lathe adopts hydraulic pre-selected variable speed organization, which can save auxiliary time. Spindle forward and reverse, parking (brake), variable speed, neutral and other actions are controlled by a handle, easy to operate, rocker arm guide, outer column round appearance , The main shaft, main shaft sleeve, and surface and inner column reversal raceways are all quenched, which can maintain the stability of the precision of the CNC vertical lathe for a long time. In order to get used to the various forms of cnc machining needs, the rotation of the CNC vertical lathe spindle And the feed movement has a large scale of speed regulation, which is usually completed by the mechanical speed change organization. The spindle speed change organization and the feed speed change organization are both installed in the headstock.

How to distinguish gear grinding machines

  • 1. The learning process of gear grinding machine is relatively simple. Novices can easily become professionals. It is suitable for various types of saw blade grinding, gear cutting, accurate positioning, high-speed compounding, and can be used for carbide and white steel circular saws. The pieces are reground.
  • 2. The gear grinding machine has a long history. The function of the machine is very mature but a little old, but it can also easily grind practical circular saw blades. During the grinding process, the gear grinding machine can also perform automatic gear grinding and Fast and accurate.
  • 3. The manufacturing process of the gear grinding machine is mature and perfect, and maintenance needs to be carried out simply as required to ensure the accuracy of grinding for a long time.
  • 4. The head of gear grinding machine can be adjusted up and down. Therefore, it is very convenient to grind the chamfer without changing the grinding wheel.
  • 5. The feed push claw of the gear grinding machine is welded with a tungsten carbide piece at the end to reduce wear, and the push arm has been designed to ensure reliable feed.