TC4 titanium alloy is an alloy of titanium, the metal element that constitutes titanium alloy rods. It is a Ti-Al-Sn-Zr-Mo-W-Si alloy series α + β type heat-strength titanium alloy with excellent comprehensive performance. It combines the high-strength thermal properties of TA2 alloy and the thermal stability of TA1 alloy, and is suitable for long-term work at 500 ~ 550 ℃.
According to reports, the working time below 500 ℃ can reach 6000h, and 550 ℃ up to 3000h. Therefore, TC4 titanium alloy is an ideal heat-strength titanium alloy for hairheads, which can be used to manufacture aviation hairhead compressor parts. The alloy can be processed into forgings, bars, die forgings and other forms of products.

Research staff studied the effect of different solution temperature and cooling method on the structure and function of BT25 titanium alloy forgings. The results show that the air-cooled microstructure is finer than the furnace-cooled microstructure at a uniform solution temperature. The solution temperature is above the phase transition temperature, and the air-cooled room temperature strength is higher than the furnace cooling room temperature, but the impact toughness and plasticity indicators do not change much. The phase transition temperature is higher than the solution temperature. At the uniform solution temperature, the air-cooled room temperature strength is slightly higher than the furnace cooling, the impact toughness and section shrinkage are much higher, the elongation does not change much, but the yield strength decreases slightly. The high-temperature strength showed a slight improvement trend with the progress of the cooling rate, and the plastic index did not change significantly. The solution temperature is 30 ~ 40 ℃ below the phase transition point, 2h air cooling + 550 ℃, 6h air cooling heat treatment rail system, which can ensure the best combination of alloy plasticity and strength.