CNC horizontal lathe refers to a machining center with a horizontal spindle. It usually has an automatic indexing rotary table. It generally has 3 to 5 motion coordinates. The common one is three linear motion coordinates plus one rotary motion coordinate. After the card is installed once, the cnc machining of the remaining four surfaces except the mounting surface and the top surface is completed, which is suitable for adding box parts.
Features of high-speed CNC horizontal lathe

  • 1. Environmental protection, no pollution. Because there will be no spray of oil and mist, the surrounding environment is not polluted
  • 2. Accurate oil supply. The oil can be delivered to the lubrication points such as the main shaft and the lead screw according to different needs by adding a regulating valve;
  • 3. There is no difficulty in atomization of high-viscosity lubricating oil; it is suitable for any oil;
  • 4. Automatic detection and monitoring. It can detect whether the lubricating oil is normal. If the lubrication is not good, it can alarm and stop to avoid abnormal operation of the equipment.
  • 5. It is especially suitable for the rolling bearing of the main shaft, with a certain air cooling effect, which can reduce the operating temperature of the bearing, thereby extending the service life of the main shaft;
  • 6. Low fuel consumption and cost saving.

The rotation speed of the grinding wheel of CNC horizontal lathe is very high, and its grinding wheel is relatively hard and brittle, and cannot withstand heavy impacts during use. Such accidental improper operation will directly cause very serious consequences. Therefore, the safety technical work of the grinding process is particularly important, and reliable safety protection devices must be adopted, and the operation must be concentrated to ensure that it is foolproof. When grinding wheels on CNC horizontal lathes, the fine sand and metal shavings splashed on the workpiece will harm the eyes of the workers to a certain extent. If the workers inhale a large amount of this kind of dust, it will be harmful to the body. Appropriate protective measures. Attention should be paid to the following safety technical issues during grinding.

The flexible CNC manipulator uses cylinders and motors to switch and drive positioning and clamping modules. A set of CNC horizontal lathe manipulators can complete different types of workpiece handling tasks. The clamping and positioning module can be designed in series according to the product quality and the size of the shape. The clamping and positioning module on the CNC lathe manipulator is installed in the same way. For different series of cnc machining parts, you only need to switch the corresponding clamping and positioning module to meet the requirements of fast The need for switching. In this way, when processing different kinds of workpieces, it can be realized only by changing the clamping module, which improves the flexibility of the CNC horizontal lathe manipulator.