With the continuous development of the processing industry and the deepening of lightweighting, the aluminum profile machining center has gradually developed into an independent CNC machining center, which has been widely used for various industrial materials, building materials, household materials , Communication-type materials for convenient CNC automatic processing. Now with the use of aluminum alloys in various industries, the advantages of light, corrosion resistance, strong plasticity, etc. have gradually emerged. The aluminum machining center has developed independently and rapidly. In the industry, high-tech enterprises that develop and manufacture industrial profile processing centers have opened up the domestic market for profile processing centers. Provincial engineering technology research center was established to communicate with advanced manufacturing enterprises in Germany and Japan. Developed profile processing centers with superior performance and unique structure from generation to generation.
Features of PTJ profile processing center:

  • 1. In view of the slender profile material and the drilling and milling characteristics of the processing technology, the ultra-long X-axis machining stroke of the Prady profile machine is fixed on the worktable, moving the head structure, fast moving speed, high processing efficiency, integrated milling, drilling Automatic compound processing of hole and tapping. The main functional components are all well-known foreign brands. It can be easily used to process various lengths of aluminum parts and steel profiles. It is used to replace the traditional long-stroke profile parts processing only with gantry.
  • 2. The profile processing center adopts a single-arm moving column structure, which can easily install workpieces outside the machine tool, and does not need to be installed in the bed like a gantry. The profile processing center is safer and more efficient. Move faster.
  • 3. The PTJ profile machining center has a long X-axis stroke and the shortest machining stroke is more than 2 meters. If compared with the traditional vertical machining center, the single stroke is dominant. From a processing perspective, when processing short workpieces, It can realize multi-station, loading and unloading while processing, no need to stop, continuous processing and improve efficiency. For customers with diversified products, multiple sets of tooling can also be installed. There is no need to replace a set after processing, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.
  • 4. The profile processing center can also add a fourth axis according to the processing requirements. It can realize the processing of multiple surfaces at a time by adding an angle head or adding a five-axis spindle head.

Social discovery In the machine tool industry, the boundary between general equipment and special equipment has gradually become blurred. The machining aluminum profile processing center has clear processing objects and is suitable for processing large quantities of ultra-long workpieces. It is becoming more and more widely used in the industry: aerospace, rail transportation, automotive, home furnishing industry, 5G communication industry, machinery accessories and other industries. Profile processing has also become more and more complicated. Professional manufacturer of PTJ profile machining center, can customize machining centers of different lengths.