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6AL4V Titanium

6AL4V Titanium Alloys are employed in applications up to 400 degrees

Ti 6Al-4V Eli Titanium

Manufacturer of titanium 6-4 / TI 6-4 Titanium alloys for aircraft industry

Other Machining Titanium

Features include high strength, light weight, formability, and corrosion-resistance.

How we operate for you

Through decades of experience, PTJ Titanium Machining Shop has acquired the essential productivity secrets to produce large top-quality titanium parts for the defense and aerospace industries.
Below you will find a list of the in-house machining capabilities and services that we provide for titanium.


Cnc Turning Titanium Parts

Titanium bars turning process is basically composed of two stages:rough machined, in which the raw material is roughed off using specific milling cutters with tungsten carbides;fine crafting carried out using precision lathes also at numerical control.

turning-titanium China

Cnc Milling Tianium Parts

PTJ Hard alloy cutter can reach a marvelous high speed to adopt the small radial direction cutting method to machine the titanium alloy parts with traditional machining.The small radial direction cutting method means to cut from the radial direction cutting depth which is much smaller than the cutter radius when machining the parts.

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Other Machining Titanium Methods

Threads Wire EDM,Drilling, boring, turning, threading, tapping, knurling, broaching, cutting, tube fabrication and bending services are also offered.

Who We Are ?

For over 10 years, PTJ has provided high quality multi-axis precision titanium machined services to engineers and purchasers from a large range of industries. Located in China, PTJ has established itself as a Professional Manufacturer in CNC machining titanium alloy.

The machine working of this material, especially the commercially pure, it’s not particularly complicated provided always that its physical and chemical properties are properly observed.

Furthermore, the fully owned 5,0oo square metres forge allows PTJ to complete the titanium production cycle, handling both requests based on custom customer specifications and order of standard components in big quantities.

Innovation Of PTJ Titanium Machine Shop

PTJ is equipped with machineries for water jet cutting for plates which go from 6,000 up to 2,500 mm with pressures up to 6,300 bars.

The water jet cutting process uses an abrasive which allows to realize “cold” cuttings without thermally altering the cutting zone for thicknesses up to 200 mm, also on Customers’ drawing.

PTJ’s fleet of machinery is equipped with band saws which can handle diameters from 10 up to 1,000 mm. Moreover, for a short time now a new machinery is operative: this machinery, using the EDM system, can cut with decimal accuracy perimeters up to 800 mm.

PTJ’s success at machining large titanium parts comes from the keen eye and the experienced hand of the craftsmen who oversee the machining process.

Sophisticated systems and verification ensure precise machining aimed at protecting our customer’s product. Below you will find a list of the most common quote requests we receive for titanium, but we regularly quote variations of all material types. Please contact us using the Request For Quote form below!

Areas of expertise

In recent years, titanium has become dramatically more significant as a workpiece material in machine shops. Two industries are driving this. One is aerospace. The latest aircraft designs use dramatically more titanium than planes of the past. The other is the medical industry. Titanium is a common material used for implants and devices used within the body. Titanium’s high hardness and low thermal conductivity make it more challenging to machine than other metals that most machine shops are more accustomed to facing.

Aircraft Industries

Titanium and titanium alloy is named as “future metal” for its excellent properties. It’s lightweight, strong and high corrosion resistant, and become a great promising material. Titanium and titanium alloy is not just widely used in plane and aerospace industry.

Medical Industries

In dental industry, titanium is used as a superior material because its good capabilities. But there is something important to be process during the manufacturing.

Automotive Industries

The material properties of titanium, including toughness, strength, corrosion resistance, thermal stability and light weight, make it a highly desirable material for automotive design engineers.

Optical Parts

Because of this steady property, as a corrosion resistant material, titanium is used more and more widely in optical parts industry.

Petroleum Industry

Except for the five organic acids, when titanium is in organic compounds, it has good stability. So in petroleum industry, titanium used as excellent structure material, such as heat exchanger, reactor, hyperbaric container etc.

Mechanical Industries

Conversely, these same attributes pose significant challenges in the machining of titanium components, resulting in rapid tool wear and limited metal-removal rates.


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